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Navigate your disability claim

Afraid your injury could affect your ability to work? We can ease the process of reinstating disability coverage.

While you focus on recovery, we’ll determine what you’re eligible for under government disability programs, as well as your private and work insurance plans. We’ll get you the maximum coverage available and protect you against challenges.

If you’ve already been denied disability, we’ll figure out why, manage the appeal process and get you compensated ⎯ including what you should have received at the outset.

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What can you claim as disability?

Anything that affects your ability to earn a regular income can be considered. This includes short-term injuries, permanent physical handicaps, chronic pain and long-term illnesses.

You can also make a case if your accident has had a negative effect on your mental health that impedes your work.

If you’re struggling, depending on your injury and insurance plan, a disability claim could get you:

  • monthly payments to compensate for lost wages.
  • funds to cover health care expenses.
  • financial assistance for your children.
  • long-term support.

Strengthening your case

See a doctor. This will be your first step to recovery and also the first step to proving your case. See what you need to do to get better. 

Seek treatment. After coming up with a game plan, treat as best you can to improve your condition.

Appeal your claim. Your application requires proof of your injury and how it affects your everyday life and function. Our job is to convince your insurer that your condition makes you eligible for coverage.

Get the right advice

If you have been denied a valid disability claim, it's important to talk to us to make sure your rights and interests are protected. Discover and discuss your options today.

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