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Finding liability for a single-car collision

It may seem impossible to get compensation in such an ambiguous accident, but your pain is real, whether you were the driver or the passenger.

We ask the right questions

Who was responsible for maintaining the road you were on? Who dropped the object or debris that threatened your safety? Were you injured in a crash caused by a damaged road full of cracks and potholes? Was your car pulled into a tree due to snow drifts or ice? Property/equipment owners or even the government could be at fault if their actions or negligence led to your accident.

If you were the passenger, the driver might be liable if the way they were driving or what they were doing (or weren’t doing) caused your injuries.

Proving liability

We’ll track down the property or equipment owner and assess if it was within their power to prevent your accident. If it was, and if they had advanced knowledge of the problem and how much time they had to fix it, we’ll prove negligence.

If you were the passenger, we’ll do the same but also look at the driver’s behaviour and how much they contributed to the circumstances that caused your injury.

Get the right advice

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