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What counts as a premises liability case?

If you were injured on a property as a result of any of the following, you could have a case:

  • Ice that wasn’t salted
  • Snow that wasn’t shovelled
  • An uneven staircase or surface meant for walking
  • A wet floor
  • Hazards on the floor like cords, debris or food
  • Being struck by unsecured hazards 
  • Unexpected drop-offs
  • Assault
  • Other circumstances -- call us to discuss

Strengthening your case

Document your accident. Proving liability weeks or months after an accident can be difficult without evidence, so document what happened as soon as you can do so safely. Immediately photograph whatever caused your slip or fall. Take pictures of your injury and the footwear you had on. And if there were witnesses, track them down and get their contact info.

Make a complaint. Documentation such as an official complaint to the property owner at the time of your accident can prevent them from denying the event, and an assessment by your doctor can help establish the extent of your injury.

Book a consult quickly. The sooner we hear about your case the more evidence we can retrieve. We’ll find any available camera footage before it’s overwritten and talk to potential bystanders while their memory’s still fresh.

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